I'm a freelance Senior Product Designer from Denmark, based in Berlin. I specialize in designing elegant interfaces using a user-centric approach.

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I work closely with clients, using insights, knowledge, and dedication to create high-quality digital products and strategies. My approach emphasizes prioritizing user needs and conducting in-depth research.

Design systems

I'm passionate about design systems and often lead or support their implementation. I'm captivated by how they empower teams with efficient collaboration through tokens, components, patterns, and principles.
I've been working in product design for over ten years, covering areas like user research, UI design, testing, and coding. I enjoy collaborating with product managers, engineers, QA teams, stakeholders, and users to create effective solutions together.
Want to work together?
Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any inquiries or if you're interested in collaborating. I'm excited to share examples from my previous work  and discuss potential projects together.